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Pop Montreal Sessions #1: sound and photos!

Carmen techs, Ira sings!

Pop Montreal hosted the first show of their Montreal Sessions residency on Tuesday and it totally rocked. Carmen DJed rad tunes and will be the host for the month, Sean from Said the Gramophone interviewed the festival’s creative director Dan Seligman and Ira Lee came in to perform some of his set live in studio. If you missed it, do listen here!

Tune into the show next week for more awesome bands and guests like Richard Reed Parry, and perhaps even a performance by Adam from Adam and the Amethysts. Pop Montreal Sessions are every Tuesday in September from 3-5pm. Tune into CKUT 90.3FM or on-line at ckut.ca.

Sean with Dan!



Ira Lee! All the way from Paris, SK!



AJ’s charts for the past week are up on the charts page- check ’em out!

What are “the charts”? Well son, charts are lists we compile of the top spins at our station from the past week and are organized by industry genre. They’re sorted into Top 30, Beatbox, Jazz, RPM, Global and Loud! They’re pretty much always consist of new releases are are an interesting way to gauge the popularity of emerging music and the evolving taste of a station and its listeners. For more information about charts and how, check out the NCRA (National Campus and Community Radio Association).