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Pop Montreal on the airwavessss

Pop Goes the Montreal Sessions!

Pop Montreal on the airwavessss

September is shaping up to be an amazingly fun month. Who knew back to school and end of summer could be so rad? Pop Montreal has a lot do do with much of the cool events and music happenings going on in the coming weeks, and we’re spreading the zeitgeist to the airwaves: Pop Montreal (Sept. 21-25th) is hosting the September edition of The Montreal Sessions.

For today’s show they’ve invited hip hip-hopper Ira Lee to come in and do his thing. Tune in from 3-5pm on ckut.ca or CKUT 90.3FM on the dial here in Montreal. If you can’t listen in real time, no worries, you can download the show from the archives after the fact.

Tune into The Montreal Sessions every Tuesday from 3-5pm, each month the shows will be hosted by a different local artist/musician/band/label/festival.