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Concert Listings: Sept. 29th-Oct. 5th

By Karen R.

We’ve all had a few days to recover from Pop so it’s time to get back on the show horse.

Thursday Sept. 29th Do some good while you hear some good tonight at Rhythms for Rights! a night of music organized by McGill’s Journalists for Human Rights featuring Effusion A Capella, The Howling Gales, Matt Stern, Toronto’s Small Town Treason, Guillaume Pilote and Neil Heaton and more. All proceeds go towards Journalists for Human Rights so cough it up, cuz you and I both know that altruism is totally rock n’ roll. Les 3 Minots 8pm $10


Friday Sept. 30th Nothing says Friday night like acousmatic tape music, am I right? Hans–Joachim Roedelius, German-born electronic music legend and co-founder of krautrock groups Cluster and Harmonia, will be filling La Sala Rossa with original compositions befit for enthusiasts of the strange and whimsical, and modernist experimental cinema. With the mysterious Hobo Expanding Cult Band. 8pm

Xela, High Aura'd Corridors, Le Revelateur. Cow.

Saturday Oct. 1st The ambient minimalism continues Saturday at Casa del Popolo with Xela, High Aura’d, Corridors and Le Révélateur at Casa del Popolo. 8:30 pm $10. But if you’re completely OD’d on soundscapes (a total non sequitur for the electro-acoustically inclined), head back to Sala for the French story- songs of Les Freres Goyettes. Nothin’ like the sweet serenade of a toothless old Quebecois man. 8pm

Sunday October 2 Sunday is an obvious choice with UK electronic composer/producer James Blake playing Club Soda. After all, those soulful vocals and dub style beats aren’t going to just listen to themselves. 9 pm $25

Elephant Stone

Monday October 3 Monday is all about flashbacks to eras you never lived through with Elephant Stone and Uncle Bad Touch on the bill at Casa. Elephant Stone is psyche pop at its purest. Feel good melodies? Check. Sunshine harmonies? Check. Compelling basslines and crystal clear guitar riffs? Check and check. Oh yeah, and infectious sitar runs feature prominently. Meanwhile, Uncle Bad Touch bring the cool with their 70’s garage rock fuzz and an unmistakably Zeppelinesque fervour. Hope you like opium dens. 8:30 pm

Migrating Birds

Tuesday October 4 Migrating Birds are an indie rock band that sing with British accents but aren’t British. If that sort of thing doesn’t piss you off royally check them out on Tuesday with The Counselors at Le Divan Orange. And even if it does, check them out anyway, because despite the posturing, they’re actually pretty good. 10pm

Bob Log III

Wednesday October 5 Bob Log III is bringing his weird one man act of space age whisky spilling stomp -twang to Il Motore Wednesday night with Mr. Free and the Satellite Freakout! Get your cutoffs, shotguns, and jet packs ready, cuz this one’s gonna be white trash ridiculous. 8:30 pm $15



Tune into CKUT on October 5th from Noon to 2PM  for a captivating radiophonic  performance piece by Chantale Laplante and Marie-Line Laplante entitled Els Cremats.
Écoutez CKUT le 5 Octobre de midi a 14H pour  entendre la Performance radiophoniqe de Chantale Laplante et Marie-Line  Laplante intituler Els Cremats.

« La poussière assèche Le chemin et ma gorge Soif du matin »

  • Els Cremats propose une expérience sonore originale, qui mélange une performance en direct en studio de jeu musical avec des corps résonants et instruments inventés, de lecture de textes, d’improvisation avec une banque de sons enregistrés sur les lieux, et de diffusion d’une trame sonore combinant des sons et des moments de la montagne à Els Cremats.
  • Dès les premiers sons, Els Cremats tiendra l’auditeur en haleine, comme s’il suivait une intrigue policière, une histoire prenante, un drame captivant alors même qu’il est plongé dans la seule matière des mots et des sons, dans la texture de la radio.
  • Les courts textes de Marie-Line Laplante offre des images saisissantes de l’atmosphère de la vie en montagne, de ses espaces contrastants. La mise en ondes fera se fondre ces mots avec les matières sonores collectées au fil des jours; sensations de chaleur, instantanés extérieurs/intérieurs, pontuent le récit.
  • La mise en ondes se fera en collaboration avec Émilie Laforest, lecture de textes,  Marie-Line Laplante, lecture de textes et instrument inventé, Chantale Laplante, improvisation avec banque de sons, Michal Seta, régie et Andrea-Jane Cornell, soutien technique.
  • Ce projet a reçu l’appui du Conseil des arts du Canada, programme arts médiatiques.
  • Soyez des nôtres le mercredi 5 octobre de midi à 14h00, pour une expérience unique au coeur du paysage-montagne catalan!


VERGIL SHARKYA. Photo by Lucio Menegon.

From Liverpool to Montréal: An introduction to the main strands of Vergil’s work, starting with the last few years he  resided and/or worked in Liverpool, and arriving at his new home, Montréal. A musical  journey morphing into soundcollage and words, morphing into live improvised music  and poetry, spanning a sonic arch between the two cities.

Over the coming month, Vergil will be introducing facets of the Montréal scene he works  and lives in. Improvised music, acoustic and electronic compositions, bands, ensembles,  composers, poetry. Some constellations Vergil plays in, others he will present, through
live performances in the CKUT studio, interviews, and recorded material.

October 4th:
EMILIE MOUCHOUS – synthesizer
MARTIMOTS et invitées – poésie
VERGIL SHARKYA– synthesizer, digital instruments

We'll never forget this moment.

Happy post-Pop Montreal!

We'll never forget this moment.

Bask in the glow/get some sleep/drink orange juice, your body needs to stay healthy post-festival binge, okay?

SO: A big thanks to Carmen for hosting the Montreal Sessions for the month of September. Huzzah! We also all had a great time meeting people at the Record Fair and The Raincoats show, which we had the pleasure to co-present. WE also had a blast at the Pop vs. Jocks basketball game on Saturday which was made cooler by Win Butler singing Xmas tunes. What?

Check back soon as we’ll be broadcasting special festival coverage on the Oct. 10th edition of Underground Sounds. More soon!




TONSTARTSSBANDHT played live on Wednesday’s If You Got Ears, which was hosted by ex-CKUT music department ghost Joe Winer. Click here to hear the archive! Photos below. The band also had a VHS camera person on hand so snoop around the interweb for that in The Future.

More photos on the blog soon. We’ve got pix coming from the Pop MTL Sessions, Aim Low and much more!

Ira Lee

Picks for Pop Montreal

Ira Lee

By Karen R. with hollered input from ‘the others’
Pop Montreal is one mother of a festival. One look at the guidebook can easily overwhelm even the most zealous festiver goer and cause you to straight up lose your cool trying to decide which shows to attend. That’s why I’m going to do you the greatest favour of your life. I’m going to to decide for you. Narrowing shit down since 2011, this is the CKUT music department’s POP PICKS.
  • Wednesday September 21
  • Ira Lee @ Mission Santa Cruz
  • Hooded Fang @ Les Trois Minots
  • Duchess Says @ Maison Radio Canada
  • Asobi Seksu @ Club Lambi
  • Thursday September 22
  • Apoc @ Quai Des Brumes
  • Cadence Weapon @ Mission Santa Cruz
  • Grimes @ Mission Santa Cruz
  • Friday  September 23
  • Tune-Yards @ The Ukrainian Federation
  • Moonface @ Breakglass Studios
  • Miracle Fortress @ Salle STM
  • BLAKIE @ Club Lambi
  • Super Fossil Power @ Le Divan Orange
  • Dirty Beaches @ Il Motore
  • Death Grips @ Club Lambi
  • Heppner Does Zappa @ Cinema L’Amour
  • Saturday September 24
  • CFCF @ le SAT
  • Sunday September 25
  • Patrick Watson’s Sacred Sunday @ The Ukrainian Federation
  • THE SEASON, a Musical by Socalled
  • The Raincoats @ Cabaret du Mile End

CKUT at the Pop Montreal record fair!

We’re going to be at the Pop Montreal Record Fair all weekend! Do drop by and say hello, pick up some flyers, find our more about our brand-spanking-new monthly donor program The Monthlies and lots more. We’ll also be facilitating the Vinyl Show & Tell happening each day of the fair from 4-6pm. The themes will be as follows…

  • Day 1: Gate-folds, Guilty Pleasures and Break-Up Records
  • Day 2: Awesome (bad/good cover) Art, Misheard Lyrics and Make Out Tunes



  • Saturday, Sept 24th – Sunday, Sept 25th
  • 11am-6pm
  • Ukrainian Federation (5213 Hutchison)
  • Free!


Tune in to a very special If You Got Ears this Wednesday from 12 to 2 pm. The White brothers of Tonstartssbandht will be chooglin into the studio with their unique brand of heavy sunshine and molten rock and roll. Also spinning some cool tunes and talking about them. Where else are you gonna be? You gotta eat lunch sometime. Tonstartssbandht are headling the Arbutus Records showcase at pop montreal on Thursday September 22 at the Mission Santa  Cruz