Lord of the Frosh: The Return of the Intern

  • By Andrew the Intern
We recently set out on a mission to clean up CKUT. A rare and momentous occasion that happens every 20 years or so, give or take a few decades. Among the many things we found in storage (crates of stale beer, what was either a hidden dungeon or perhaps just storage space, and cobwebby hints suggesting the existence of possibly giant spiders) we found some pots and other kitchen supplies that belonged to Midnight Kitchen. I took it upon myself to return these items to their rightful owners.

I set out on an epic adventure filled with harsh and unfamiliar terrain (a flight of stairs + the Mcgill Campus), wizards and dragons (check my t-shirt above) and hordes gathered from near and far, drawn to the fabled McGill Frosh week festival.

All in all it was quite a successful journey, I destroyed the one ring brought some kitchen utensils back to their proper owners, and I cleared a bit of space for ckut with nary a scratch aside from sore shoulders from the heavy utensils.