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Concert Listings: August 26-31

By Karen R.

Friday  Aug. 26 What’s that sound? It’s jangly, it’s lo-fi, it’s Montreal’s there is still time…brother at Casa del Popolo. But wait! Where’s that funky experimental afro-beat coming from? Why it’s PAPAGROOVE at Les Bobards! No…no it couldn’t be. Is that The Berry Shandy, a Cranberries tribute band at La Sala Rossa?  It is. I don’t know why, but it is.

Doody Le Tigre

Saturday Aug. 27 Doody le Tigre makes the happiest, most uplifting Caribbean music you will ever hear in your life. It’s Disney crustaceans dancing in unison playing turtle shells like steel drums meets party at the watering hole, lions and gazelles doing the limbo in blissful co-existence AWESOME.  I cannot stress this enough. Club Lambi. 10 pm.

Sunday Aug. 28 Shtetl’s gonna be rockin’ Sunday through Thursday thanks to the Montreal Jewish Music Festival. We’ve come a long way since the dreidel song, friends. So pick up some Manishewitz, paper bag that shit, and get down to La Sala Rossa for festival openers Hasidic New Wave + Siach Hasadeh. For the complete festival schedule click here. 9 pm. $20

Monday Aug. 29 If I ever met Keith Fullerton Whitman, which is a strong possibility this Monday at Casa del Popolo, I’d say “thems be some scary soundscapes, Keith Fullerton Whitman. Like fucked up sci fi thriller alien shit. Could I perhaps interest you in a gingerale? You must be parched from your journey through the space time continuum.”  8:30 pm. $9.

Kath Bloom

Tuesday Aug. 30 So this is kind of funny, ex-Guitarist of 90’s cartoon pop outfit PROZZAK, Clifton David Boadbridge, has since put out a classic rock cover album that he’s been touring across North America, but he’ll be playing some solid original material of the blues/ psyche rock variety Tuesday at Le Divan Orange. If you can’t make it due to some strange disease, well, sucks to be you. 10 pm.

Tuesday also promises to be a night of heartbreakingly beautiful folk music at Casa del Popolo with Molly Sweeney, Last Good Tooth and headliner and cult figure Kath Bloom on the bill. 8:30 pm. $11

Extra Happy Ghost

Wednesday Aug. 31 Go see Psych pop dreamers Extra Happy Ghost!!! this Wednesday at Casa del Popolo. You’ll nod your head, you’ll sway with your eyes closed, it’ll be great.  8:30 pm.