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Lord of the Frosh: The Return of the Intern

  • By Andrew the Intern
We recently set out on a mission to clean up CKUT. A rare and momentous occasion that happens every 20 years or so, give or take a few decades. Among the many things we found in storage (crates of stale beer, what was either a hidden dungeon or perhaps just storage space, and cobwebby hints suggesting the existence of possibly giant spiders) we found some pots and other kitchen supplies that belonged to Midnight Kitchen. I took it upon myself to return these items to their rightful owners.

I set out on an epic adventure filled with harsh and unfamiliar terrain (a flight of stairs + the Mcgill Campus), wizards and dragons (check my t-shirt above) and hordes gathered from near and far, drawn to the fabled McGill Frosh week festival.

All in all it was quite a successful journey, I destroyed the one ring brought some kitchen utensils back to their proper owners, and I cleared a bit of space for ckut with nary a scratch aside from sore shoulders from the heavy utensils.

Mozart's Sister

Cadence Weapon’s last MTL Sessions show

Mozart's Sister

Today is Rollie/Cadence Weapon‘s last show as part of the monthly artist-in-residency series The Montreal Sessions. He’s done such an excellent job and this afternoon will surely be no different. Rollie has invited his friend Caila (a.k.a. Mozart’s Sister) to perform live in studio this afternoon, so do be sure to tune in from 3-5pm on-line or by tuning into CKUT 90.3FM on the dial here in Montreal.

Be sure to check out September’s Montreal Sessions, hosted by none other than Pop Montreal, every Tuesday from 3-5pm.


Concert Listings: August 26-31

By Karen R.

Friday  Aug. 26 What’s that sound? It’s jangly, it’s lo-fi, it’s Montreal’s there is still time…brother at Casa del Popolo. But wait! Where’s that funky experimental afro-beat coming from? Why it’s PAPAGROOVE at Les Bobards! No…no it couldn’t be. Is that The Berry Shandy, a Cranberries tribute band at La Sala Rossa?  It is. I don’t know why, but it is.

Doody Le Tigre

Saturday Aug. 27 Doody le Tigre makes the happiest, most uplifting Caribbean music you will ever hear in your life. It’s Disney crustaceans dancing in unison playing turtle shells like steel drums meets party at the watering hole, lions and gazelles doing the limbo in blissful co-existence AWESOME.  I cannot stress this enough. Club Lambi. 10 pm.

Sunday Aug. 28 Shtetl’s gonna be rockin’ Sunday through Thursday thanks to the Montreal Jewish Music Festival. We’ve come a long way since the dreidel song, friends. So pick up some Manishewitz, paper bag that shit, and get down to La Sala Rossa for festival openers Hasidic New Wave + Siach Hasadeh. For the complete festival schedule click here. 9 pm. $20

Monday Aug. 29 If I ever met Keith Fullerton Whitman, which is a strong possibility this Monday at Casa del Popolo, I’d say “thems be some scary soundscapes, Keith Fullerton Whitman. Like fucked up sci fi thriller alien shit. Could I perhaps interest you in a gingerale? You must be parched from your journey through the space time continuum.”  8:30 pm. $9.

Kath Bloom

Tuesday Aug. 30 So this is kind of funny, ex-Guitarist of 90’s cartoon pop outfit PROZZAK, Clifton David Boadbridge, has since put out a classic rock cover album that he’s been touring across North America, but he’ll be playing some solid original material of the blues/ psyche rock variety Tuesday at Le Divan Orange. If you can’t make it due to some strange disease, well, sucks to be you. 10 pm.

Tuesday also promises to be a night of heartbreakingly beautiful folk music at Casa del Popolo with Molly Sweeney, Last Good Tooth and headliner and cult figure Kath Bloom on the bill. 8:30 pm. $11

Extra Happy Ghost

Wednesday Aug. 31 Go see Psych pop dreamers Extra Happy Ghost!!! this Wednesday at Casa del Popolo. You’ll nod your head, you’ll sway with your eyes closed, it’ll be great.  8:30 pm.

Overheard: From the Back of the Room

Heard from the cool ladies on Venus radio this afternoon that there’s a pretty awesome screening going on tomorrow evening at Katacombs (1635 St-Laurent) of a documentary about the history of women in punk called From the Back of the Room. From their website:

Many people have the impression that the Riot Grrrl movement in the mid-90s was the end-all, be-all of female involvement in DIY punk. This is definitely not the case! Plenty of amazing ladies prior to this era paved the way for it, and plenty of amazing ladies continue to help keep DIY together today. This documentary chronicles the past 30 years of female involvement in DIY punk, and has interviews with over 30 women from across the country, ages 17 to 40. Race, gender, sexuality, motherhood, class, and activism are all addressed in this film, giving a more complete picture of how these women participate in the DIY community, and how it affects their daily lives.

Check out the trailer too:

AJ + Amber planning the assault.

Clean Out Yer Ears Too, Whydontcha

Yesterday was cleaning day at CKUT and the music department went ballistic on our over-stuffed storage loft. Much headway was made, many LPs were shed (check ’em and much more out at our garage sale on the 16th- more soon!) and nary a tear. All in all, quite a productive day before fall madness descends. All photos by Andrew the Intern.

AJ + Amber planning the assault.

Sorting through the stacks.

Loft looking ready for anything (like more archival materials, tapes, etc)

The office cleans up well, don't it?


More critters + a remote broadcast for ya.

This one is eight-legged and has laid not one, but three entirely sick egg sacks in our downstairs bathroom. Delicious! Photo by Andrew the Intern. Spider species is unclear, but it took down a daddy-long-legs in a matter of minutes. In non-spider-related news, New Shit, the music department’s show dedicated to new releases is on the airwaves right this very minute until 5pm.

Read all about our last critter encounter here.

Tune in to Jazz Euphorium this Wednesday from 8-10pm: Lawrence Joseph will be hosting the programme live from the Sala Rossa where the Murray Street Band will be blowing the roof off in celebration of the ensemble’s 25th anniversary. Founded and guided by drummer/artist extraordinaire John Heward, the Murray Sreet Band celebrates improvisation in its most free and intuitive forms. Read more about the event on the CKUT website!


Weekend Plans

Karen compiled some pretty rad concert listings yesterday and we’d like to add a few more ideas about what to do this weekend, alright? Right on.

The Montreal International Reggae Festival August 20th & 21st: lots of cool acts on the bill, so do have a look at the schedule. Lots of special programming on our airwaves this weekend including Soca Sessions (Saturday 2-4am) + West Indian Rhythms ( Saturday 4-7pm) + Bhum Bhum Time (Sunday 4-7pm). Tune in!

The Red Wedge Tribute Show, Saturday Aug. 20th 9:30pm at Cagibi: Music from the anti-Thatcher tour in response to our own Conservative government. All proceeds go to the Mile End Mission. Read all about it here in this week’s Montreal Mirror!

Kaie Kellough

Wired on Words, Sunday Aug. 21st 8:30pm at Casa del Popolo: Hosted by Ian Ferrier, this month’s Words and Music Show features two of the top performers in the Montreal scene: great poet and word/sound systematizer Kaie Kellough, and–back from the West–Metis poet/singer Moe Clark. Music is from Delay Talk an absorbing and talented duo featuring Jordan Christoff and Tim Lafontaine. If we’re lucky and he’s back from a weekend conference, Stefan Christoff will also present one of his solo improv pieces on piano.  And we’re still waiting to hear from another excellent surprise guest. Only $5!


Next week we’ll feature a whole bunch of fresh blog action for ya, so do check back on Monday and enjoy your weekend!