Daily Archives: July 29, 2011



By Lili La Stagiaire

My friends and I arrived at SAT at 11pm on Wednesday the 27th of July, just about when Phantogram was finishing up their act before the Glitch Mob. What was initially most striking about this venue was the stage setup: each group member camouflaged in smoke, lit up by these crooked blue LED displays, giving the place a futuristic feel. In fact, it was only once the Los Angeles trio came on stage that I remembered that the Glitch Mob had remixed a Daft Punk song from the Tron Legacy soundtrack: hence the edgy décor.

Equipped with drum pads, touch screen machines and mixers, the EDM group started off with some hard dubstep, mashing in beats from hip-hop and rap songs. My friend had told me once that if you like bass, go and see the Glitch Mob. I could not deny that my core was responding to the pulse of these intense low frequencies. The warehouse was packed, and heating up as every track built up seamlessly to the next. It was exciting because of the musical progression – by the time their newest single “Warrior Concerto” started, frantic violins over a 8 bit synth bassline, most of us were just standing there in awe, just to focus and listen.

I went to see the Glitch Mob expecting a more typical EDM venue with a lot of dancing and the occasional climactic point in the mix. But the Glitch Mob really blew me away with their singular style and perspective of dubstep, electro, industrial, hip-hop, even implementing classical forms! They gave an intense performance complete with constant engulfing and piercing electro sounds, so it makes sense that the show lasted an hour. I hope to see these stylish musicians with their hats and ties return to Montreal. Their new EP “We Can Make The World Stop” can be ordered online, the vinyl artwork is pretty interesting!