Daily Archives: July 27, 2011

Music Library Goes On Tour

Behold, our music library! The library has over 70’000 releases on a variety of formats including 7″ & 12″ vinyl, CDs and cassettes. We receive music in a variety of ways: friends drop off their new recordings, bands and musicians mail us their albums and we also get mail from record labels, distribution companies. We don’t have a budget to buy music so people send us music in exchange for airplay, however, we don’t guarantee spins as it’s up to our volunteer music programmers to decide what gets played.

Often our music programmers broadcast music that is hard or impossible to find anywhere else, such as live performances, underground artists, and that sort of thing. We are mandated by the CRTC to play less than 10% of top 40 (“hit”) songs, so you can always expect emerging music and unrepresented sounds from CKUT.

To check out what’s currently charting, check out AJ’s chart news here. Head on over here to find out more about becoming a volunteer or here to submit your music.