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Art for music, por favor!

Spread the word!

We’re looking for an artist to volunteer their mad skills for a couple of special projects the music department will be launching late this summer and fall. Graphic design experience an asset. If you or someone you know is interested, please get in contact with Amber by e-mailing library@ckut.ca with a sample of your work (a web-friendly image or on-line portfolio) by Friday July 22nd. More details available upon request. Thanks!

One thought on “Art for music, por favor!

  1. Nadim

    hi! I love your radio station. Im not much of an artist but I make this comic book in my free time. It’s at http://www.deadheadcomicks.com The first issues arent what I’m most proud of but the latest ones are a little better.

    If you need something let me know.


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