Magic Sound Mountain!

Magic Sound Mountain: a CKUT radio co-presentation

listen to all things radio via a performance broadcast, projected directly by the artists, unmediated by transmission towers.

a radio exhibition, mixing sound art, sonic installations, storytelling, live instruments, manipulated poetics and natural sonic expressions in an urban space.
Saturday, July 23, 2011
Mount Royal mountain
first listening 15h-17h
second listening 19h-21h
Montreal, Quebec.
meet @ Kondiaronk Lookout, main chalet on east side Mount Royal.
follow signs to the sound, just south on the Olmsted Chemin (trail).

  • RAIN DATE July 30th, bring your blankets & listening ears !

CKUT’s Magic Sound Box climbs the mountain, hiding battery powered speakers in trees at a lookout point off of Mount Royal’s beaten path. A performative sound installation, taking place on a little piece of our scarce, natural, public space. Magic Sound Mountain will feature works via CKUT sound artists and community musicians, an event not to miss.

Experience live and direct sound performances, using self-made speakers, constructed at CKUT. Take part in this experiment toward “modularity”, defined as “a continuum describing the degree to which a system’s components may be separated and recombined,” as so perfectly represented by CKUT radio.

Magic Sound Mountain aims to celebrate collective creative production and community radio on an urban summer day on Mount Royal !

  • for more information visit or call 514 448 4041 x. 6788
  • presented by CKUT radio & supported by Suoni per il Popolo festival.