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No, there is not a problem with our studio

Tuesdays 2-5pm in July Emilie Mouchous and Andrea-Jane Cornell are taking ckut’s studio outside for untempered backyard improvisations with objects gathered from here and there radios transmitting to the radio, handmade instruments, vocalizations, ballon symphonies etc.

July 5 – What’s happening out back? AJ and Emilie take some microphones out to the backyard parking lot and stir up a lot of sound and pique the curiosity of many on one of the hottest days of the summer. Using whatever they could find lying around the station for the 45 minute set that used  bicycle bells, kicking metal balls, switches, a drum, glass beads, a salad spinner, dollar store melodica….before coming back inot the cool studios for a vocal improv using ckut’s internet stream as a processor/looper

July  12 – aj and Chantale Laplante started off the show with a live improv, and Emilie joined aj for some vocalizations becme the theme and approach to Remained of the sessions

July 19 – aj all by herself re-mixing the previous sessions and working on some percussive sounds and field recording improvs  for a composition commissioned by Vague Terrrain Magazine

July 26 – Emilie all by herself building intricate and expansive soundscapes with her vocalizations live in studio

This is how we do.


This is how we do.

Repairing old LPs from our music library, like this beaut’, a fave record by the wonderful Exuma. Along with selections from our vault, many of the CKUT music programmers broadcast hard-to-find music including live sessions, new music by local and touring artists as well sound art created and broadcast live on air.