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the Salteens, Grey Eyes

Brought to you by Boompa Productions, the Vancouverites that call themselves “music geeks” bring you their 6th and most recent album “Grey Eyes” released October 2010.

Fresh off the press, this indie pop album embraces orchestral sounds and features: clarinet, bass clarinets, trumpets, baritones, flugelhorns, tenor sax, bari sax and tuba with flute as a vocal accompaniment and beautiful touch.

Scott Walker puts his Bachelors in Music to practice through singing, writing and producing a unique album. The tracks fuse pop liveliness with orchestral varities that mesh jazz rifts with symphonic harmonies accompanied by the traditional use of a snare. The best part about it is that unlike other indie albums I have encountered, the vocals are audible and the lyrics genuine. Plus the album includes slight electronic mash-ups that are just subtle enough to not distress the pop-lover ears.

If you appreciate the uplifting effect music can have on making a bad day seem a bit better then you will certainly appreciate ‘Grey Eyes’ by the Salteens.

Visit their website the Salteens



The Venus Collective welcome Les Momies De Palerme
to the studio on thursday October 21st between 12 and 2pm
Les Momies de Palerme are Montreal based duo Marie Davidson and
Xarah Dion.Their self released debut L’Amour Sincere has had our
ears cocked to the restrained layers of synth, vocals and violin both
processed and raw – their sound is ethereal, bordering on medieval folk.
Their upcoming Release Brulez Le Coeur is one of 3 musical outfits
eatured on a 3LP release,the first release for the Music Fragile Label Series,
Xarah and Marie will be interviwed by the venus collective and then
comandeer the and 1s and 2s and spin a selection of music on this edition of venus
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Pour les quatre mardis du mois d’octobre entre 15h et 17h, Chantale Laplante, compositeure et artiste sonore, vous propose une émission au contenu hybride sous le sceau de l’expérimentation. L’espace du studio lieu de diffusion est aussi espace de création de musique, de spoken words et
d’art performance et dde théâtre musical. Aussi, chaque émission
présentera une courte «Recette sonore», où les ingrédients sonores
choisis par l’artiste seront nommés, manipulés et mélangés, pour
finalement être dégustés, sous forme de performance.

5 octobre – Martine H. Cripo

12 octobre – UniSecs: Lise Comtois & Michal Seta

19 octobre – Adam Basanta / Marie-Line Laplante

26 octobre – Sophie Castonguay

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