Daily Archives: September 5, 2010

ism ism


Tuesdays 3-5pm on Ckut will be hosted by locals Ismism in the month
of September. Over the 4 episodes/broadcasts Ismism will trace the
genesis of their music through the artists, styles and movements that have
influenced them. In the later sessions, they will perform some of their
own music on the air. Ismism consists of traditional rock instrumentation
plus samples, but the music they will perform on the air will focus on
the ambient, textural and electronic side .They will also be reaching out to
musicians and promoters in the Montreal area who are producing and
promoting experimental music for on-air interviews during the sessions.
A general theme that Ismism hopes to explore through all the episodes
will be the increasing intersection of experimentalism and accessibility
in current 'alternative' musical styles and discussing whether popular
music has space to integrate experimental styles or whether by virtue of
being different from the norm, it will always remain on the fringe of
mainstream music.