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unfact noveller poster

unFact and Noveller live on CKUT

Monday August 30th from 3-5pm, turn your radio up for a special edition of New Shit hosted by Lorrie of Aack!!! For an earful of live in-studio performances by unFact (aka David wm. Sims of The Jesus Lizard/ Scatch Acid) and Noveller (aka Sarah Lipstate ex Parts & Labor, ex Cold Cave) Both artists will be playing a show at the Casa Del Popolo on the 29th of August.

Poster by: Reuben Sawyer



Zachary Devereux Fairbrother is a musician from rural Nova Scotia, his music
has touched many genres including psychedelic rock and folk, noise, drone,
improvisation, and black metal. He lived and studied in Halifax for a number
of years, playing in a band called Omon Ra and helping out with the Obey
Convention Musical Festival. In May 2009 he graduated with a music degree in
composition while studying under Jerome Blais and took off and left for
Montreal. In the last year Zachary played many shows with his new group Omon
Ra II and toured to Alberta to play Wyrd Fest and all the way east to for an
appearance at the Obey Convention. In 2010 his music will score a film by
director Salomon Nagler call *Black Salt Water Elegy *and he’ll be moving to
Philadelphia for who knows what but he’ll be bringing along and cutting his
teeth with his newest project entitled Lantern. He has written papers on
Japanese Proto-Noise, Black Metal, is a contributor to Weird Canada , and
keeps his own musings at a blog called Avant-Lard.

Zachary is thrilled to be hosting the Montreal Sessions for August. He is no
stranger to radio having hosted a couple of shows on Halifax’s CKDU that
were known for their enthusiasm for desperately diverse styles of music.
Here is what he has planned…

August 3rd – Dirty Beaches will perform

August 10th – D’eon will perform (To listen to D’eon’s pre-recorded performance click here)

August 17th – Cabral Jacobs + TBA

August 21st – Lantern

Also planned are interviews with Halifax group The Ether and Divorce Records
owner Darcy Spidel.


above photo of vox sambou by Indiephotog

* CKUT radio: Cultural Crossroads VI
CKUT radio’s ‘world skip the beat’ presents a special program featuring

interviews with Haitian hip-hop artist Vox Sambou and Chilean music

group Ensemble Acalanto

Monday August 2 12h00 – 14h00

live broadcast on CKUT Radio, 90.3fm

tune-in globally via live stream at

Tune-in to CKUT radio for ‘world skip the beat’ the fifth edition of

Cultural Crossroads, hosted by journalist Stefan Christoff, featuring

interviews with leading global artists from Montreal.
CKUTs radio’s weekly global music program, ‘world skip the beat’, airs each

Monday featuring musical sounds from around the world. A special edition,

Cultural Crossroads VI, will highlight unique music while featuring extended

interviews with Haitian hip-hop artist Vox Sambou and Chilean music group

Ensemble Acalanto.

* Vox Sambou
Vox Sambou is a celebrated Montreal hip-hop artist originally from Limbé on the

northern coast of Haiti, a key figure in the celebrated Montreal ensemble

Nomadic Massive. Vox Sambou’s launched a solo album, Lakay, in 2008 to critical

acclaim and recently launched DiscriminaSida a video single on the struggle

against AIDS in Haiti which went live on World AIDS Day in December 2009. Vox

Sambou has been critically involved in building solidarity between artists in

Montreal and grassroots community projects in Haiti, particularly in the

Haitian city Limbé and was involved in launching Solid’Ayiti initiative in

response to the earthquake last winter. Vox will speak on ongoing solidarity

efforts and a recent trip to Haiti.
Vox Sambou
* Ensemble Acalanto
Acalanto is a Latin American music ensemble which plays popular original and

classic songs bound to resistance movements in the Americas. In interview

Acalanto members Carmen Pavez and Rafael Azocar speak on recent organizing

efforts within the Chilean diaspora in Montreal in response to the earthquake

in Chile to provide direct non-governmental aid to the earthquake vicitms. Also

Acalanto speaks on the relationship between music and social justice movements

in the Americas specifically struggles in Chile against dictatorship in recent

Ensemble Acalanto

* CKUT radio is a celebrated community radio station in Montreal with a long

history of links to cutting edge independent culture and grassroots political

movements for social justice.
* Stefan Christoff is a journalist and community organized based in Montreal,

and longtime volunteer at CKUT radio since 2000