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Corey Fuller – Between Seas

nullCorey Fuller
Seas Between
Dragon’s Eye Recordings
Harmonic monophonic repetiton stretched though time, sustained wavering harmonics dense layering, use of piano, guitars, accordion, melodica, glockenspiel, hammered dulcimer …. field recordings.
Walking through Parc Lafontaine, in the golden hour of February, listening to Corey Fuller, i stopped in the sun closing my eyes to feel a semblance of warmth from its rays. The wind sounding outside of my headphones blended in with the Soundscapes of Fuller’ s “Late Summer” swells and textures, sustained subdued bass punctuation. Late Summer embodies the sounds of waning and is in fact a meditation on the death process of the ubiquitous cicada during the late summer period in Japan, and features recordings of the cicada singing their death song. Fuller’s Between Seas on Dragon Eye Recordings takes you to an interstitial plane- His compositions are reflective, gleaning sounds across vast expanses, a reconciliation between two physical places and the spaces.