Holy smokes, Pop Montreal starts tomorrow and the city is abuzz… the next five days are gonna be jam-packed with shows, panels, installations, and much more. We here at CKUT are gearing up for all the excitement, and we’re especially psyched to be presenting a bunch of rad shows during the fest — including the legendary Calypso Rose and JJ Fad. It’s gonna rule! However, this was also a particularly terrible week for the office espresso maker (RIP) to call it a day…

If you’re gonna be in Montreal for Pop, gimme a shout — it’s always nice to connect with other radio folks visiting our fair city. :)

And hey, thanks for this too!


ckut top 30 – september 16, 2014
all day breakfast string band – shanghai – self-released CC
helene prevost – a la plage – tour de bras CC
klara lewis – ett – editions mego
jennifer castle – pink city – idee fixe CC
thomas anksersmit – figueroa terrace – touch Continue reading

Broken Obelisk hosts IF YOU GOT EARS_September 17

evan tighe

Evan Tighe, Montreal-based drummer and composer, is cruising into week 3 of curating If You Got Ears. This guy is one for the books. His past episodes have explored abstract and noise-inflected music from the vantage point of being a legit noisemaker in the city, and you can have hight expectations of todays show, 12-2pm.

See Evan perform as Broken Obelisk, with Wake Island at Pop Montreal and leading a monthly event at Resonance Cafe. What a jazz cat.

Album Review:

eric roberson

Written by Nema Gaye

The Box is finally here brought to you by Mister Eric Roberson. After joining forces with Dave Hollister, Brian Courtney Wilson and Fred Hammond for the United Tenor album in 2013, as well as a compilation earlier this year, Roberson is back strong with a new opus highly anticipated.

The Fans were blessed with a marvellous countdown 12 days before the released date. During those days he was allowing us to slowly get in the and understand his creative choices and production decisions behind each track. Genius!! He made us appreciate the final result even more.

Continue reading

Album Review: Dilated Peoples – Directors of Photography

dilated peoples

Written by Missy Limina

After an eight year hiatus, Dilated Peoples is back with their sixth full length album, Directors of Photography. DJ Babu (producer/DJ), Evidence (MC/producer) and Rakaa Iriscience (MC) took advantage of the break to work on solo projects. The individual freedom seems to have done them a world of good, as the group came back together to self-produce some of its best work to date. Continue reading



AIDS Wolf at Death by Audio, 2011
RIP DBA, we’re gonna miss you.

ckut top 30 – september 9, 2014
bo anders persson – love is here to stay – subliminal sounds
hag face – rag face – self-released CC
lou reed/zeitkratzer – metal machine music – self-released
helene prevost – a la plage – tour de bras CC
mozart’s sister – being – paper bag CC Continue reading

Holyoak + Boundary // Underground Sounds

underground sounds logo

For the etudiants among us, Underground Sounds welcomes you to the city, to school and especially, to discover the greater communities you may one day contribute to. Now…

Tune in Monday soirees for your local dose of yams, jams and hams as your host Nick Schofield guides you through the inner-city soundscapes, from electronic to indie to wtf-else.

Tonight, as always, we hit the airwaves relentlessly from 8-10pm, with special in-studio performances and interviews courtesy of Neil Holyoak and Boundary. Tune in, kids.


Album Review: PS I Love You – For Those Who Stay

Written by Courtney Paolicchi

ps i love you

On their third album, PS I Love You have created their own unique style of modernized rock in For Those Who Stay. While vocalist Paul Saulnier has a coarseness to his voice, the band chooses to downplay the vocals in favour of the instrumental parts, especially guitar. This pays off greatly in offsetting Saulnier’s high voice, balancing out the songs. The lyrics are understated in a way that compliments the music’s composition, though inhibits the narrative of the songs. The calculated discord of For Those Who Stay marks the band’s place as a forerunner of modern rock.


Hi friends,

Had a nice weekend (not a long weekend, though) that involved lots of biking and trekking through Mont-Royal park. Trying to make the most of this last bit of summer, y’know?

School’s back – busy week – signing off for now, too much work to be done!
RPM charts return next week.


ckut top 30 – september 2, 2014
OOIOO – gamel – thrill jockey
helene prevost – a la plage – tour de bras CC
lydia ainsworth – right from real pt. 1 – arbutus CC
hag face – rag face – self-released CC
niños du brasil – novos misterios – hospital productions Continue reading