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A lot of you are in NYC this week for CMJ but I’m sticking it out here in Montreal, prepping for our annual funding drive which kicks off this Thursday… We’ve got a ton of amazing prizes for donors, special events, and more amazing programming than yr ears can handle going down over the next two weeks. We broadcast live around the clock, seven days a week, bringing you the best music, news and culture from Montreal and beyond. Want more info on the drive and how you can support CKUT? Check out our website:

Loud charts return next week.

Happy CMJ + funding drive, y’all!

ckut top 30 – october 21, 2014
mecca normal – empathy for the evil – m’lady’s CC
avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche – zubberdust! – constellation CC
a winged victory for the sullen – atomos – cranky
old and weird – what i saw – self-released CC
thurston moore – the best day – matador Continue reading

Island Frequencies hosts The Montreal Sessions :: October 21

island freq graphic

Now in its third week, Island Frequencies is back shaking up CKUT’s radio waves with courageous music from Montreal’s underground scene. On the show today Sebastian Trafalgar will be treating us to an in-studio performance and interview ~ that’s coming up at 3:30pm. To start off the show, at 3pm I/F will be airing recordings from a show that went down last night at Sala Rossa’s resto; you’ll hear excerpts from ONA, johnny_ripper, saxsyndrum and Le 4e discours. To cap things off Martin Simon Greizis will be stopping by to chat about his efforts to promote and propagate QC music via ListenLocal514.



Hi friends,

I’m feeling pretty accomplished today after cooking a full-on turkey dinner from scratch yesterday with my partner (and running down to the station to get a few hours’ work done in the midst of it all)… Is there such thing as a turkey hangover? If so, I think I feel that too.

CMJ starts next week and sadly I can’t make it this time around … However, for those of you who are going, have a terrific time! Please eat some NYC pizza for me and think of CKUT when you’re voting in those ol’ CMJ awards, if you’re so inclined.

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ckut top 30 – october 14, 2014
caribou – our love – merge CC
kaie kellough – creole continuum – howl! arts CC
old and weird – what i saw – self-released CC
kyle bobby dunn – kyle bobby dunn and the infinite sadness – students of decay CC
anjou – s/t – kranky Continue reading

Concert Review: Slow Magic + Kodak to Graph @ Le Belmont

Belmont is always an interesting venue to go to for live shows. You never know what you’re going to get: a reggae, EDM, dubstep- grungy vibe (i.e. bassdrive nights) or nu disco, French deep house (i.e. Breakbot concert). Pick your poison.

On September 27th, my friend Anastasia and I checked out the scene. The opening gig was performed by one-man act Florida-based Kodak To Graph. At first impression, his set hinted at another generic and flat DJ show. However, as the set progressed, he surpassed my low expectations as this shy performer produced some eclectic electronic/ trip-hop infused remixes. With a hint of RNB and moonbahton elements at times, a cross between SBTRKT and DEAD HORSE BEATS- influenced tracks and bass drops got the crowd quickly head-bobbing and leg-shaking, each track flowing effortlessly from one to the next. In all, the experience felt similar to being at a “cool kids”’ loft party. He ended his set with a remix of headliner Slow Magic’s ‘Girls’, titillating the fans with a taste of what would come next.


“Slow Magic is the sound made by an unknown imaginary friend” is how the digitally lighted, wolf-mask wearing one-man act self-describes himself. His synth buildups and reworked vocal samples remind me of the excitement induced from listening to similar acts like M83 and Tycho. Moreover, Slow Magic is truly a drum master. What isn’t so noticed in his two recorded LPs ‘Triangle’ and ‘How to run away’ is made immediately crystal clear when he takes in the audience with his drum frenzy.  A great performer, he breaks the fourth wall and engages the crowd around him in the almost aboriginal-appropriated drum circle. Add in a couple synthesized chimes and jingles, and you got yourself a feel-good, though completely innocent, drum trance that is very hard to leave.


It’s easy to go into one-man shows like these and expect the overall show to lack flare and fun. Luckily with these two performers, especially in the case of Slow Magic, they were very successful at bringing the pulse with them to Belmont.


- Review by Jessica Newfield, photos by Anastasia Voitinskaia

Weird Canada hosts IF YOU GOT EARS_October 15

WC LogoIf You Got Ears :: Wednesday 12-2pm

Are you down to drone? Well then, get ready for a full 2-hour episode of If You Got Ears dedicated to National Drone Day. On May 10 2013 the first of its kind went down nationally and fingers crossed, it’ll be going on ad infinitum forever more. Your host Christina Bell will be chatting with Weird Canada co-founder Marie Leblanc Flanagan about how NDD came to be. There’ll be an interview and performance from Julie Matson, aka Echo Beach, who helped orchestrate Montreal’s drone day at The Plant and we’ll air segments from that jam and beyond QC’s borders. Time to get weird with CKUT!

Island Frequencies hosts The Montreal Sessions :: October 14

This week on The Montreal Sessions, your host Paula invites in some of the weirdest wonders of the city to CKUT’s studio with dreams to illicit insightful conversation from Stefan Christoff and Xarah Dion, both of whom have new albums at the ready, plus, a bucolic performance from Nick Keupfer — Montreal’s premier tape-loop maestro.


Photos: CKUT’s Autumn 2014 Total Eclipse Concert Series

Missed last week’s awesome Total Eclipse series? Or just want to re-live the magic? Either way, here are some of our best visual memories from a weekend full of amazing music. The World Skip the Beat photos are from the talented lens of Manikmati Photography, and CKUT’s own Tamara F. took the photo (and drew the neck tattoo) of DJ Damnbrunettes.

Of course, y’all should keep your dials tuned to CKUT because we’ll have tons more exciting events coming up with this year’s Funding Drive… things kick off on October 23rd, so stay tuned for all the details coming shortly!


Album Review: Yann Tiersen’s ‘Infinity’


Three years after his previous release, Skyline, French musician Yann Tiersen has returned with his eighth studio album entitled Infinity. Once again, Tiersen has assembled a talented group of vocalists, musicians, engineers and producers to help him conceptualize his grandiose ideas. Most notably, Icelandic string-quartet Aniima (best known for their work with post-rock outfit Sigur Ros) play a large role on the album contributing both instrumentation and vocal work on nearly every track.

Infinity is nothing short of an incredible journey full of emotion, texture and a myriad of languages. The album begins with an arrangement of heavy wind-like sounds that are simultaneously ominous yet, comforting. Progressively and seamlessly, an assortment of bells, percussion and vocals work their way into the mixture of sounds on “Slippery Stones,” which can best be described as a waltz for ghouls. These initial sounds set the tone for the rest of the album, which never strays too far from baroque-pop. There are moments on the album where the diversity of Tiersen’s influences shine through— where the electronic echoes of a sawtooth synth and digital drums clash with a swaying horn section and thundering percussion. Overall, Tiersen’s ability to mend an array of instrumentation into one homogenous sound is truly astonishing and makes for a captivating listen.

The most captivating aspect of Infinity, however, rests in the assortment of languages heard throughout. A combination of English, French and Icelandic comes together to create a truly unique harmony, adding to the already choral-nature of the album.  The most captivating example of vocal work can be heard on the final track, “Meteorites,” where Scottish poet Aidan Moffat recites a wonderfully written piece of poetry that delves into the ephemeral nature of new love.

- Michael Langiewicz


Hi folks,

Been working like crazy around the clock over the past couple weeks preparing for this past weekend’s Total Eclipse Concert Series (which ruled, btw) and our upcoming funding drive… in case you ever wondered what the CKUT music office looked like in the middle of the night, now you know!

Loud charts return next week.


ckut top 30 – october 7, 2014
avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche – zubberdust! – constellation CC
caribou – our love – merge CC
mozart’s sister – being – paper bag CC
hag face – rag face – self-released CC
old and weird – what i saw – self-released CC Continue reading

Weird Canada hosts IF YOU GOT EARS_October 8

weird canada - if u got ears

Weird Canada __ If You Got Ears

Are you weird? Good!… ’cause Weird Canada is shaking up CKUT’s airwaves all October long, every Wednesday noon – 2pm, on If You Got Ears.

This week your hosts Rachel Weldon and Christina Bell are focusing on Wyrd Distro, Weird Canada’s music distribution service. They’ll be chatting with WC founder Marie LeBlanc-Flanagan about how the project was developed and initiated. Later in the episode listen out for a WC editor mixtape and Wyrd Translations segments.