Hey buds,
Not too much to report this week — but I will let you know that I’ll be out of the office next week for CMJ. Maybe I’ll see you there? Let’s hang out! For those who aren’t going, please note that I’ll have limited email access from October 13th – 18th so please be patient if I’m slow with replies.



ckut top 30 – october 6, 2015
1. helen – the original faces – kranky
2.  jerusalem in my heart – if he dies, if if if if if if – constellation CC *
3. maurice louca – salute the parrot – nawa recordings
4. joyfultalk – muuixx – drip audio CC
5. steve hauschildt – where all is fled – kranky Continue reading

If You Got Ears With Jen Reimer & Max Stein: October 7th 2015


Jen Reimer and Max Stein were in the house yesterday for If You Got Ears playing some soothing and experimental sounds. These guys are experts in field noise, and are dedicating their residency here to experimenting with urban recordings fused with different types of music. Not only is their idea incredibly interesting and unique, they’ve also created a web page in which you can follow the locations of the recordings being played, just check out to see for yourself. Join in next Wednesday to explore more of Montreal’s beautiful soundscapes~~

The Montreal Sessions with Yellow Noise: October 6th 2015

unnamed (1)

This week we had Yellow Noise in our studios for The Montreal Sessions delivering some great mixes and new music. Yellow Noise is a Canadian media platform of Asian self-representation focusing on intersectionality and solidarity with other marginalized groups, which you can learn more about from their website. Sam and Mel, who are some of the main faces behind Yellow Noise, are taking the reigns of this months residency. Yesterday they had the one and only KEI-LI in the studio for an exclusive interview , and we’re stoked to hear what else they have in store (because it’s guaranteed to be great). Tune in next Tuesday form 3-5pm to catch the next session~~

Concert Review: Alabama Shakes at MRCY Festival


Imagine the most important hug of your life. You’ve reached some sort of failure and you know some sad days are in your future.  The devastation of whatever tragedy you’ve just gone through is setting in and all of the sudden someone you love has engulfed you in their arms and for a moment you realize everything is going to be alright. This feeling is what an Alabama Shakes concert sounds like. Brittany Howard’s spectacular voice cuts through the air like a knife, grasping every emotion you’ve ever felt, and exploding into a whirlwind of soothing, bluesy sounds with the soul of Ray Charles and pure rock and roll power of Jimi Hendrix. Continue reading

Album Review: Babysitter


It took me about five seconds to fall in love with Babysitter’s new self-titled album.  The shocking combination of guitar distortion and blood-curdling scream captured my attention immediately, forced my jaw to drop, and my eyes to light up. This display of pure, raw emotion sinks into a nostalgic song about “Exploding Youth” with just the right hint of angst and a quick-hitting punk album with a surprising amount of heart. Continue reading

If You Got Ears with Benoit and Myriam: September 30th 2015

myriam_benoit_ears (1)

If you listened in today from 12-2pm, you would have heard the soothing sounds of Benoit Chaput (with the behind the scenes help from Myriam Gendron) streaming from our studios. The pair delivered a myriad of folk and underground music, perfect for a cloudy and calm afternoon. Unfortunately, it was their last day hosting If You Got Ears here at CKUT, but you can always catch the previous episodes from this month on our archives.

Next month’s residency is with Jen Reimer and Max Stein, who will be dedicating their residency to incorporating many different musical textures with the sounds of the city~~

The Montreal Sessions with Pop Montreal: September 30th 2015

pop-montreal1unnamed (1)

Yesterday was (sadly) Pop Montreal’s last day of their Montreal Sessions residency here at CKUT, and it was another reminder that they totally killed the game this month. The show started off with some quality indie and electronic music, and at the end of the first hour featured a live performance from Johnny de Courcey. With numerous musical guests featuring Forever, Vesuvio, Year of Glad, Noko, MagicPerm, Heartstreets, Ohara and more, there was an overload of talent in our studios over the past few weeks that was hard to keep up with. All episodes are available on our archives for any unfortunate souls who missed them, and of course anyone that wants to re-listen to the hilarious banter.

Next month we’ve got Yellow Noise, a Canadian media platform of Asian self-representation focusing on intersectionality and solidarity with other marginalized groups, taking the reigns. Tune in on Tuesdays, 3-5pm to catch the show~~



Hey friends,

I’m gonna keep this short today since we have a zillion things going on, including an upcoming AGM, funding drive, and student fee levy referendum. Fall is the busy season! Time for more coffee…


CKUT is thrilled to be teaming up with the Student Society of McGill University to present a live federal election debate tomorrow at 5pm. It’s happening on campus and is open to the public, and we’ll be broadcasting remotely from the event from 5-6pm. We highly encourage people to tune in, or better yet — join us there in person and have your voice be a part of the discussion. Check out the full details here:

ckut top 30 – september 29, 2015
1.  u.s. girls – half free – 4AD
2. ought – sun coming down – constellation CC *
3. babysitter – s/t – psychic handshake CC *
4. katie moore – fooled by the fun – club roll CC *
5. empress of – me – terrible records  Continue reading



Hey friends! Sorry these are a day late… still catching up post-Pop Montreal. It was a whirlwind weekend, most of which I spent over at my beloved haunt Brasserie Beaubien. I did manage to sneak out and catch Stars of the Lid though, which was as brain-meltingly good as I had hoped. They’d been on my live band bucket list for almost a decade and it totally lived up to my expectations.

Since my hours were all out of sorts last week, I’m still catching up on emails and tracking. Please be patient, I haven’t forgotten about you!


ckut top 30 – september 22, 2015
1. joyfultalk – muuixx – drip audio CC
2. katie moore – fooled by the fun – club roll CC *3.
3. the pink noise – decay – not unlike CC *
4. souljazz orchestra – resistance – do right music CC
5. drainolith – hysteria – nna tapes CC * Continue reading

Album Review: Ought – Sun Coming Down

unnamed (1)

Ought could have been in trouble with Sun Coming Down.  It may sound a bit ridiculous, however, it is very hard to create a great second album when your first is as brilliant as More than Any Other Day.  Bands work on their first album from day one.  They begin playing together, they play some shows, commit to a certain aesthetic, and create their first work.  Sometimes it’s good sometimes it is a bit immature. Generally it’s not perfect and there’s a logical growth that the band can see and attempt to execute.  More Than Any Other Day is incredible, but somehow Ought found a way to grow without losing their heart. Continue reading