Greetings friends,
Not too much to report today: I saw Mitski over the weekend and got sucked into watching the entirety of Stranger Things. Keeping it pretty quiet these days to save my energy for a very busy August –  but more about that in next week’s chart email.

Summer calls for outdoor celebrations, and with that in mind we’re thrilled welcome Montreal expats Steve Jr. back into town for a very special parking lot gig/BBQ on Saturday. For those not in the know, this duo left a deep impression on the Mtl scene with their heavy & impossibly catchy riffs before skipping town last year. Now they’re back for a single gig in the parking lot of 110 Van Horne along with Terrified Michael FDJ Frog, and J Deady on the decks — a truly all-star crew if we ever saw one, curated by the fine ears of CKUT’s late-night sound guru Spencer Gilley. The forecast is perfect, there’ll be food on the BBQ, and it’s a fundraiser for CKUT. What’s not to love?

ckut top 30 – july 26, 2016

1. deerhoof – the magic – polyvinyl
2. un blonde – good will come to you – egg paper factory CC *
3. braids – companion – flemish eye CC *
4. horse lords – interventions – northern spy
5. tyshawn sorey – the inner spectrum of variables – pi Continue reading

Album Review: Shura – Nothing’s Real


ShuraNothingShura’s debut album showcases her talent as a writer, singer and producer. It’s an eclectic mix of genres: from electronic, lush R&B slow jams, stripped back guitar rock, to 80s glam pop and even trip-hop. Though the young singer/producer hasn’t overreached by trying her hand at so many different genres, at times the album feels like a collection of her various projects and (albeit successful) experiments. Yet a strong theme of autobiographical archiving and coming-of-age runs through the album and gives us a compelling first glance at Shura’s personality.

Music is often our best way of expressing complicated and difficult to articulate emotions that overwhelm us when brought on by the stresses of life and relationships. No other set of experiences is more of a mine field of these overwhelming emotions than the transition from teenage angst to young adulthood. Shura’s debut album Nothing’s Real is a smooth and seemingly effortless ode to that angsty and distraught time. Continue reading



Hello friends,

It’s been a busy week at CKUT full of in-studio performances, including Gashrat (pictured above), Platitudes and Cloud Becomes Your Hand. Forgive me if I’ve been a little slow with email, been too busy juggling mic stands and XLRs to sit at the ol’ computer for very long this past week. As for our charts, Jessy Lanza reigns supreme for yet another week — she rolled through town a few days back and got a ton of airplay leading up to the gig. And check out all that sweet local content on the charts this week too!

ckut top 30 – july 19, 2016

1. jessy lanza – oh no – hyperdub CC
2. vivien goldman – resolutionary – staubgold
3. kaytranada – 99.9% – xl CC *
4. heaven for real – kill your memory – mint records CC
5. braids – companion – flemish eye CC * Continue reading

Album Review: The Julie Ruin – ‘Hit Reset’


Kathleen Hanna, musician, feminist activist, and a figure formative to who I am today has consistently churned out pithy punk tunes while creating space for women and combatting misogyny in the punk community (and beyond). After a three year hiatus, during which Hanna dealt with her long-standing struggle with Lyme disease, her current group The Julie Ruin released their second full studio album Hit Reset. The album as a whole is an incredible revival and expansion of Hanna’s traditional riot grrrl sounds, with her do-it-yourself punk aesthetic alive and well in its framework. The album sets itself apart from The Julie Ruin’s previous release, Run Fast, in that Hanna’s powerful lyrics are more confrontational and cuttingly personal than before.

Hanna kicks off the album with a sharp title track recalling trauma she endured in her youth because of her father. She sings, “Slept with the lights on on the floor, behind a chair that blocked the door… At least I made it out at fucking all.” This powerful song that mixes sweet and scream-y vocals with ripping guitar and steady punk drums sets the tone for the album, giving the listener a taste of Hanna’s raw lyrical tendencies and varied yet consistently charged feminist punk sound. Later in the album, Hanna sings about childhood wishes stunted by her father’s neglect on “Roses More Than Water”. The track displays chaotic vocals with beach-y organ, and orderly drum and guitar rhythms. Hanna chants, “maybe I want roses more than water and to be a loving father’s daughter” and “maybe I’m more hell-bent on living than I am just surviving,” showing her working through traumas and personal experiences.

The discordant “I Decide” rings out with siren-like electric keyboard, a pulsing drumbeat, and a handful of “Na-na-na-na-na’s” amidst lyrics that exude Hanna’s assertion of her self-autonomy. “I Decide” is followed by “Be Nice”, which addresses the emotional labor women are expected to perform in a patriarchal society. Hanna highlights the fact that women are socialized to “be nice” in response to male micro-aggressions and entitlement through her pithy, spitting lyrics. Later in the album, she confronts male feminists’ hypocrisy in “Mr. So and So,” calling out pseudo-feminist men who use their privilege to take up space in feminist circles and offer condescending, patronizing remarks to women. The chorus rings “you can’t say good-bye before I get my hello,” commenting on the silencing of women within feminist communities at the hands of entitled men.

As an outspoken feminist musician and riot grrrl movement icon, Hanna has had her trauma and activism commoditized, which she addresses in “Planet You” and “Hello Trust No One,” in which she confronts toxic people who exploit her emotional labor and set expectations for her performance of self. In “Hello Trust No One”, pop keyboard and bouncy drums accompany Hanna’s staccato vocals projecting satirical lyrics. She sings “cause I can play one-handed guitar while braining my hair on a shooting star!” and “Cause I can play electric guitar while shaving my legs in a moving car!” mockingly addressing the absurd expectations she is met with as a feminist performer and figurehead.

“Let Me Go” greets you with fun poppy keyboard and playful guitar riffs accompanied by rhythmic claps. Hanna sings about her husband’s encouragement that kept her head above water while battling Lyme disease. She sings, “you never, ever really know how many memories you have to go.” With the rock-pop vibes that are mirrored in “Time is Up” later in the album, The Julie Ruin shows their versatility and coherence all while creating incredible tunes. The album ends with a ballad to Hanna’s mother, titled “Calverton” after the Maryland town in which Hanna grew up. Her offbeat vocals are accompanied by a soft and slow keyboard rhythm, setting the tone of the song to be a touching and tender message of appreciative reflection. Hanna has noted that her mother has inspired and drove her forward. She sings, “Without you, I’d take the fifth or be on my deathbed full of wishes”.

The Julie Ruin is playing in Montreal this Tuesday at Fairmount Theatre, and until then I’ll be dancing around my room to Hanna’s music like I used to in high school. Hit Reset will definitely be my Summer 2016 soundtrack and is truly a testament not only to Kathleen Hanna’s resilience, but also to The Julie Ruin’s musical prowess as a whole.

– Review by Erika Kindsfather



Hi friends,
This week is all about Slut Island here in Montreal – there’s a ridiculous amount of rad music going on, and my head is spinning a bit just trying to keep track of it all. I managed to catch the festival kick-off party last week and it was a blast: Heathers, Guy Madonna, Chipped Nails, and Sivani were all amazing. I’m gathering my energy for week two as we speak.

Last week we were thrilled to have local queer punk sweethearts Chipped Nails perform live in the studio during Slut Island’s Montreal Sessions residency, and it’s only gonna get louder & weirder today as we welcome post-punk freaks Gashrat into CKUT hq. Tune in from 3-5pm to hear a very special live performance from these amazing weirdos, and don’t forget to download the audio if you don’t catch it live.

ckut top 30 – july 12, 2016

1. jessy lanza – oh no – hyperdub CC
2. aaron lumley – katabasis/anabasis – small scale music CC *
3. jef elise barbara – sexe machin/sex machine – fixture records CC *
4. vivien goldman – resolutionary – staubgold
5. marissa nadler – strangers – sacred bones Continue reading



Five years after the release of their debut album, the Canadian jazz band BADBADNOTGOOD has made a name for themselves as one of the most versatile quartets to enter the music scene. BBNG has evolved plenty; they’ve been touring the world and working on music continuously throughout this past decade. It’s fascinating to hear the evolution unfold and witness into which directions the band is willing to venture. They demonstrate a brilliant idea of what jazz music could sound like if hip hop artists were to tackle the genre. After having covered Odd Future, J Dilla, James Blake and Flying Lotus tracks, and worked on an entire collaboration album with Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah, now BADBADNOTGOOD has released their fourth solo effort appropriately named IV. This album is the band’s most confident and endearing project so far; it exhibits a style that has been crafted by inspired young artists. The production is brighter, cleaner and as engrossing as ever thanks to the talented guests featured on the project.   Continue reading

Album Review: Clipping – Wriggle


If you’ve paid attention to any news source within the past year (which I hope you do, for your own sake, and mine), then you probably have heard of the talented Tony Award winning broadway star Daveed Diggs. He played the role of American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson in the the broadway musical Hamilton, which has received high praise by many critics claiming it to be one of the best musicals of 2015. Daveed has clearly collected attention through this breakout role yet his talents stretch even further as he has been part of a captivating experimental hip-hop group called Clipping. The group released one mixtape in 2013 and dropped one album the following year. Wriggle is the latest EP from the group and it’s only a small glimpse of what is to come from the exuberant artists.   Continue reading



Hey radio,
Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. A bunch of pals celebrated birthdays this weekend so there were some nice festivities, plus I got to see the always-wonderful Dorothea Paas grace the stage of our beloved Drones Club – highly recommend catching Doro if she rolls through your town. I was also lucky enough to inherit an accordion from a friend who recently left town, so I’m trying to learn the ropes of it without pissing off the neighbours too much… keep an ear out for some drone-y squeeze box recordings very soon.

Montreal feminist powerhouse crew Slut Island is back for another excellent round of their festival this July, and we couldn’t be happier to have them as our next artist-in-residence for the Montreal Sessions. They’ll be treating your lucky ears to all sorts of fierce, beautiful, and inspiring music every Tuesday from 3-5pm. Get psyched for plenty of interviews, floor-shaking live performances, and a sneak peek into the city’s best feminist/queer/radical scene. We recommend playing it as loud as your speakers will go.

ckut top 30 – july 5, 2016

1. mitski – puberty 2 – dead oceans
2. jef elise barbara – sexe machin/sex machine – fixture records CC *
3. jessy lanza – oh no – hyperdub CC
4. vivien goldman – resolutionary – staubgold
5. aaron lumley – katabasis/anabasis – small scale music CC * Continue reading

July Montreal Sessions: Slut Island

slut island

For the entire month of July, Slut Island will be the host of Montréal sessions here at CKUT 90.3fm! Every Tuesday starting tomorrow July 5th from 3-5pm Slut Island will provide programming that will be focused from the perspective of those who see themselves as queer, female identifying/gender fluid people. They aim to change the music industry that is typical dominated by cisgendered white males and introduce a safer space for marginalized people that look for an outlet to showcase their talents on.

For the first two weeks on Montréal sessions the emphasis of the show will solely focus on Slut Island’s Festival activities! You can expect to hear more information about the festival which will be taking place at venues all over Montréal such as Casa Del Popolo, Bar le Ritz and 820 Plaza. Along with what you can expect to hear about Slut Island Festival, you can tune in tomorrow July 5th from 3-5pm for a live performance from local pop-punk band Chipped Nails! Keep it locked for tomorrows programming, brought to you by Ethel Eugene and Frankie Teardrop, to hear some wicked tunes and information on what to look forward to at the festival!

Album Review: Nate Wooley – Argonautica

image001 (4)

Nate Wooley has never been afraid of bold choices.  His playing style is a constant testament to individuality and originality, earning him a position of playing the trumpet like no one else on the planet.  Wooley’s previous albums range from abstract renditions of Wynton Marsalis tunes to particularly harsh versions of free jazz with obscure multi-phonic trumpet chops juxtaposed against distorted extended techniques.  On his new album Argonautica, Wooley brings together musicians from the free jazz community and the fusion jazz scene making for a wide-ranging work encompassing valleys of space and cities of noise. Continue reading