Album Review: Ingrid Laubrock’s Antihouse – Roulette of the Cradle


Sometimes the best music is built entirely on instinct. Music that doesn’t get caught up trying to fit into typical conventions of time and scale but instead only commits itself to pure human instinct and expression.  Free Jazz is a fantastic form of expression due to its spur of the moment nature.  When a member of the ensemble is feeling a certain way they immediately release this feeling using their instrument.  The other musicians in the ensemble can understand each other and utter their response to the music just released. It is conversational.  Despite having well thought out compositions played by expert musicians, the music of Ingrid Laubrock’s new release Roulette of the Cradle has achieved a level of conversational execution and instinctual expression typically found only in the live free jazz setting. Continue reading

Last Installment of the Montreal Sessions with Egg Paper Factory


Sadly, today is the day that Egg Paper Factory finished their residency here at CKUT. Playing everything from folk to jazz to world to Mariah Carey, they managed to include something for every musical humanoid out there. Not to mention they had some neat voice distortions going on throughout the sessions…

These guys did one hell of a job hosting one of our most successful shows, The Montreal Sessions, the archives of which are definitely worth perusing. Don’t forget to tune in next Tuesday from 3-5pm for Pop Montreal to take the reigns~~



Hey friends,

The new wave of students is slowly trickling into Montreal and it makes me feel old. Whatever. It’s still summer out there, and I’m gonna make the most of it before the fall really kicks in… Time to cram the next couple weeks with as many BBQs, sunny bike rides, and swimming adventures as possible.


Do you live in Montreal? Are you free on Thursday? Do you like good music? If the answer to these questions is YES, then be sure to join us at local watering hole Nouveau Palais from 10pm-3am as an all-star crew of CKUT DJs take over the decks. Expect everything from tropicalia to punk rock — no holds barred, and open ears highly encouraged. We’re teaming up with the good folks over at Passovah to make this happen and we’d love to see you there!

ckut top 30 – august 25, 2015
1. drainolith – hysteria – nna tapes CC *
2. babysitter/hag face – R.I.P. split – psychic handshake CC *
3. roxanne turcotte – fenetres interieures – empreintes digitales CC
4. hey mother death – highway – snake power CC
5. fountain – fountain II – self-released CC Continue reading

Album Review: Tony Wilson 6tet – A Day’s Life


It is rare for someone to display as many unique pieces as Tony Wilson has on his new release “A Day’s Life.” Through the inclusion of beautiful ballads, intensity-building swing pieces, and experimental noise jams, Wilson has created an all encompassing modern jazz album that maintains excitement from start to finish.

One aspect  of “A Day’s Life” that separates it from the pack is its use and depth of contrast.  The album can be analyzed as a whole, in individual songs, and in groups of songs always resulting in a contrasting piece of sound that never becomes stale.  When listened to in its entirety, “A Day’s Life” can essentially be seen as a series of ups and downs with quiet peaceful songs melting into energy-building, repetitive bass lines eventually turning into high-intensity, electronic explosions. These explosions digress into other ballads and interludes and the cycle begins again.  Although the album is best when listened to all the way through, it can also be broken up into individual pieces and enjoyed just as vigorously. The piece “Two Tempos” is especially intriguing. By consistently combining a driving swing tempo and an out of time free feeling, “Two Tempos” truly epitomizes the notion of contrast in a short six minute period. Continue reading

Kara-Lis Coverdale on If You Got Ears: August 19th 2015

d-eon 0003490146_10

Today on If You Got Ears, experimental composer/musician/producer, Kara-Lis Coverdale talked to prolific Montreal electronic musician, d’Eon, about digital technology, performance, reality, and being human. If you missed it, you can check out our archives to catch todays session. Tune in next Wedneday from 12-2pm to get brought into new musical worlds by Kara-Lis on the last episode of her residency on If You Got Ears.

Egg Paper Factory hosts The Montreal Sessions: August 18th 2015


It still remains impossible to describe exactly what Egg Paper Factory play on The Montreal Sessions, because their musical choices span so very much. From relatively unknown experimental artists to Mariah Carey, these guys will always deliver something incredibly fun to listen to. Today we started off with some laid back country, which slowly evolved to some wicked alternative and electronic releases. Truly a quality episode. The only way to fully get the experience is to listen for yourself, which you can do by looking at our archives, or tune in on Tuesdays 3-5pm.

Keep it locked to CKUT, folks~~



Hey friends,
I had a pretty amazing weekend: one of my bffs/collaborators moved back to Montreal after living abroad for a year, a very old project reunited to play a send-off for a buddy who’s moving away, and I got to hang out in five (!) of my favourite Mtl parks. Seriously, even though it’s scorchingly hot here summer is ruling pretty hard.


We broadcasted live from the Montreal International Reggae Festival over the weekend, and lemme tell you it was a zany & amazing time. If you missed it, we’ve got you covered: check out tons of backstage photos on our twitter and instagram accounts, and hit up our audio archives from 4pm – 11pm on Saturday and Sunday to hear more live sets than your ears can handle. The Reggae Fest is seriously one of the city’s best parties, and it’s pretty necessary listening for those who seek out hot-weather sounds.

ckut top 30 – august 18, 2015
1. joyfultalk – muuixx – drip audio CC
2. drainolith – hysteria – nna tapes CC *
3. frog eyes – pickpocket’s locket – paper bag CC
4. the weather station – loyalty – outside CC
5. ramzi – houti kush – 1080p CC Continue reading

Album Review: Amara Touré 1978-1980



Amara Touré 1973-1980, released earlier this year by Analog Africa, commands intrigue with just one word: “Wow!” The sheer beauty of the analog masterpiece appeals to all music lovers and welcomes new listeners of Afro-Cuban soul to further walk that road.

Whether it’s the piercing soulful lead vocals from the track “Temedy” or the mesmerizing rhythms from “Lamento Cubano,” this collection of songs will whip you directly into a pleasure-filled trance. The lead guitar tickles you as you bop along to the hypnotic rhythmic foundation of the drums and bass. It’s on this foundation that a powerfully emotional vocal performance dazzles and is sure to give you goosebumps!

To quote Amara Touré: “Latin music, is it really foreign to us Africans? I don’t think so. Listen to the drums, to the rhythm. It all seems very close to us – it feels like it’s our own culture.” To him, combining Caribbean and African rhythms was natural. This collection of his recordings from 1973-1980 demonstrates just how intuitive this was. The entire album moves along with incredible smoothness. Several lengthy tracks are featured, such as “Afalago” with its hypnotic backing vocals, making for some very easy listening. A great album to consider adding to your dinner soundtrack collection!

This first 1500 LP run of Amara Touré’s LP was released on June 22nd, all of which are currently sold out. Additionally, the CD version — complete with an eight-panel booklet adorned with very lovely artwork — is also sold out. However, for the enrichment of our souls, the album is available for streaming online where upon which it will hopefully be available for order again soon.

Until then, I urge all music lovers and especially lovers of Latin and African rhythms to check out the album via Analog Africa’s Bandcamp. The soulful vibes, the stunning artwork and an insightful historical description will pique your interest. The write-up describes the history of how Cuban and Caribbean themes arrived in Senegal and how Senegalese folk traditions blended together to form a new style of music; jumping ahead, it elaborates on how this style took root and the eventual part Amara Touré played in its development. Some fine tropical dance music indeed!

– Review by Donovan Thorimbert

Album Review: Narcy – World War Free Now

 Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 12.19.32 PM

Narcy is a political activist/hip hop artist with a sound as intriguing as his message. His new album “World War Free Now” is a beautiful addition to the CKUT library that incorporates sophisticated political commentary, Middle-East influenced sounds, and fascinating vocal samples into a unique symphony of hip-hop that captures the listener from beginning to end.

The way in which an MC combines sounds into backing beats is very important in this day and age of hip hop.  The great rappers of the modern era weave their verses into dense pieces of music to draw more interest and challenge the listener’s ear. With nuances such as guitar solos, violin interludes, and catchy vocal hooks, Narcy has truly established himself musically in “World War Free Now” by providing beautiful melodies in conjunction with his high intensity flow.

Lyrically, the album touches upon many different thematic elements all pertaining to the life of Yassin Alsalman (Narcy). Do to Alsalman’s complicated history as an immigrant with roots in the Middle East and North America, the album makes for a very interesting analysis of the world today. “World War Free Now” in itself is a very complex idea. I think World War Free is a comment on how the world is not currently involved in a clear global conflict (at least not quite as clear as World War One or Two), however, the people in charge still marginalize and take control in the same way they always have resulting in a war on freedom of sorts.  With commentary on the use of drones and overbearing police force, Narcy calls out the actions of the United States and other world leaders in the Middle East as harmful despite their positive intentions.  For Example, the United States entered Iraq with the intention of ending terrorism, but in reality the United States took control of the lives of the people of Iraq in a way that did not provide them with more rights or freedom, thus contradicting their heroic rhetoric. This type of political commentary is raised all over the album and the depth of it all adds a great sense of maturity.

One of the Particularly moving pieces on the album is “Tourist.”  Framed by quotes from John Lennon and Angela Davis on the topic of violence, the song discusses the toll that a land “ruled by the gun” has on its people. The speaker feels that they have been forced out of their home and now they cannot find comfort in the world; they have become a “tourist on a star between the moon and the sun.”  The intense nature of the words is matched by their presentation. Narcy elongates his lyrics in a droning fashion and the sound of it all bleeds the despair felt by the people of his homeland.

The only issue I have faced with this album is my inability to stop listening to it. It is a beautiful work of art on all levels that will both get stuck in your head and make you think.

-Review by Donovan Burtan



Hey friends,

I just got back from a rad weekend hanging with some pals in Toronto, including fellow CFUV expat/Dale Speaking rep Justin Lanoue. It was great! Toronto often gets a bad rap from other Canadian towns but it’s a pretty fun city to visit. It felt great to chill out on some nice patios, eat great food, and explore some new neighbourhoods. I also devoured an ungodly amount of delicious ice cream, which makes the trip an automatic success in my books.

Hope you’re having a great August too!

As part of our ongoing experimental radio residency If You Got Ears, local sound wizard Kara-Lis Coverdale is taking over the CKUT studios every Wednesday in August from noon till 2pm. Coverdale is a composer, musician, and producer who makes multi-layered electronic music rich in melody and spectral intrigue, interrogating divisions between beauty and brutality, physical and virtual, human and machine. Her residency focuses on innovation musics that challenge the languages and borders of tradition to offer unique gateways into worlds we haven’t yet experienced. Want to learn more about her work? Check out this Guardian article, and be sure to catch the audio from her residency on the CKUT archives.

ckut top 30 – august 11, 2015
1. ramzi – houti kush – 1080p CC
2. fountain – fountain 2 – self-released CC
3. drainolith – hysteria – nna tapes CC *
4. narcy – world war free now – the medium CC *
5. magma – 45 years of creation off the beaten path – harmonia mundi Continue reading