Album Review: Interchill Records – “Subtextures”

Something’s been bubbling on the west coast, and it has been for some time. In a musical climate that seems to have only partially embraced 4×4 dance music, dub and breaks-based genres are combined with psychedelic sounds to produce a unique, western character. Deep rolling sub bass lines and syncopated percussion feel more familiar here than the consistent “thump thump thump” of an 808 kick drum.

And just as Montréal has built a strong connection to Berlin, Vancouver and the surrounding area seem to have been drawn to the UK. West coast collectives regularly pull from Bristol and London talent, both in Vancouver and at festivals like Bass Coast and Shambhala. In the latest compilation by Salt Spring Island’s Interchill Records, some of Canada’s best dubstep talent is featured alongside their UK contemporaries.

Compiled by veteran DJ and regular festival performer, Naasko, Subtextures is a release of deep rolling rhythms and melodic lines. Canadian producers Daega Sound, HxdB, Jafu and IMRSV demonstrate a mature connection to the sound as they appear alongside established dubstep names like Biome, Geode and Occult. The release comes as a natural follow up to Interchill’s 2013 release Depth Charge, an earlier compilation that showcased seminal dubstep artists like the Kryptic Minds and Ruckspin.

UK bass lovers will appreciate the balanced, yet consistent selections featured in the record. It manages to communicate a specific taste, while showcasing modern developments. Fans of labels like Dubstep for Deep Heads, Tectonic Recordings and Smokin Sessions will without a doubt find a few gems in there and will benefit from spending some time with each track on the release.

Interchill Records’ Subtextures represents a commitment to UK bass music on the west coast of Canada. It feels right at home for a record born from western festival and island culture. This release shouldn’t be missed by selectors, nor casual listeners, interested in chill-out or breakbeat genres. Subtextures continues a cross-continental musical relationship and is certain to wind up in the collections of DJs in Canada, the UK, and abroad.

– Reviewed by Wiklow


Listen back to the most recent episode of CKUT’s all-Canadian electronic music show Lo Signal, featuring tracks by IMSRV and Jafu from Interchill Records’ Subtextures release.

If You Got Ears with Kohlenstoff: July 22nd 2015

Hazy-Montagne-Mystique-Bleu-quand-je-ferme-les-yeux_zpsxhqporffThis month at CKUT we are lucky enough to have Kohlenstoff, a talented collective who happen to be pros in experimental electronic/electroacoustic music, hosting If You Got Ears. Today’s episode featured Kohlenstoff representative, Dominic Thibault, as our host and a wicked live performance and interview with Hazy Montagne Mystique. If you missed today’s session, you can always grab the audio file from out archives and take a listen!

If you like what you hear (and you will), tune yourself in next week for the last episode of Kohlenstoff’s residency for this month! Don’t miss it ~~

Album Review: Jaga Jazzist – Starfire


One of the most important concepts in modern music is fusion. Each style of music can only be advanced so far, but when you start borrowing from other genres the possibilities are much more endless. This mentality is the inspiration behind the album Starfire by Jaga Jazzist. This album is a true fusion album as it uses the conventions of both electronic dance music and modern jazz to create a very new and unique sound. On the electronic side of things, the album really fits into each of the typical conventions. Just on the surface the album sounds like electronics. The group uses many different synthesized electronic and digital sounds to create repetitive melodies that build in energy leading into each other. It’s not so much distinctive bass drops as it is smooth transitions from section to section, but the effect is essentially the same; energy is being manipulated in different ways. Also, whenever the music stays in 4/4 for extended periods of time it drives like a piece that would be used for dancing (hence the term electronic DANCE music). When the piece shifts into a more typically modern jazz time signatures the feel changes quite a bit, but it is very interesting to these contrasting ideas of meter used harmoniously. Continue reading



Hey friends,
Keeping this short as things are super busy ‘round the station today — the music dept crew is about to dash out to set up up a remote broadcast from the Montreal headquarters of Rock Camp for Girls (!!!). Read on below for more info…

We’re super thrilled to be partnering up with Saturn Returns, our curator for July’s edition of The Montreal Sessions, to go live from Rock Camp for Girls this afternoon from 3-5pm. Rock camp is all about breaking down gendered barriers in music and encouraging girls to empower themselves by taking the stage and rocking out. Rad, huh? We’ll be interviewing the RCFG organizers, volunteers, and maybe even a few of the campers during this special live broadcast. Tune into CKUT from 3-5pm EST this afternoon and catch it for yourself!

ckut top 30 – july 21, 2015
1. v/a – ne pas plier – howl! arts collective CC *
2. narcy – world war free now – the medium CC *
3. fountain – fountain II – self-released CC
4. braids – deep in the iris – flemish eye CC *
5. lapalux – lustmore – brainfeeder Continue reading

The Montreal Sessions Live Broadcast from Camp Rock


Hey party people, got any plans today between 3 and 5pm? No? Great then you should swing by La Sala Rossa to catch a very special episode of The Montreal Sessions hosted by the Saturn Returns Collective! They’re going to be broadcasting from Camp Rock, which is an incredible place wherein young women can get together and rock in the name of empowerment and community building. Read more about it here, you won’t be disappointed. You can also learn a lil’ about Saturn Return’s powerful initiative on our website. Don’t forget to tune in or swing by for some interviews and great tunes, we’ll see you there~~



Wow, it’s still about a million degrees Celsius here in Montreal so I spent a good chunk of the weekend trying to stay cool by swimming in the Ottawa River. I also caught a rad event on Friday night that CKUT curated featuring performances from fuzzy pop trio Joint Custody, folk singer Tim Darcy, and steel pan drummer Miriyam Wilson. Keep it coming, summer!


We’re thrilled to welcome new local label collective Saturn Returns to curate our July edition of The Montreal Sessions. They’re exploring rock & roll from a queer, feminist angle and digging deep into the intersection of music and activism. In addition to lots of rad discussion, these folks are really delivering when it comes to music — tune in for plenty of guest performances, live tracks, and other audible goodies. Catch it every Tuesday in July from 3-5pm EST.

ckut top 30 – july 14, 2015
1. buffy sainte-marie – power in the blood – true north CC
2. holly herndon – platform – 4ad
3. narcy – world war free now – the medium CC *
4. braids – deep in the iris – flemish eye CC *
5. colin stetson & sarah neufeld – never were the way she was – constellation CC * Continue reading

The Montreal Sessions with Saturn Returns: July 13th 2015


After a wicked kick off with last weeks Montreal SessionsSaturn Returns is back with another episode today from 3-5pm with many treats in store. Saturn Returns is a feminist collective that is guided by anti-oppressive and anti-capitalist frameworks, and aim to promote welcoming spaces for accessible music creation, distribution, and performance. On today’s show, your hosts Shaun and Erika will be talking about collectives, collective feminist spaces, and their jam space collective: studio BOOBZ. They’ve also got a live performance from Jilted-X lined up!

If this sounds awesome to you, you’re not wrong. Tune in and don’t miss this week’s episode of The Montreal Sessions~~

Album Review: Tim Berne – You’ve Been Watching Me

tim berneTim Berne has been a major component of the avant-garde jazz scene since the 1980s and his latest work certainly does not disappoint. You’ve Been Watching Me has been circling the CKUT charts for a good chunk of the summer and it really is the perfect level of unique, underground modern jazz that the station strives to broadcast.

Continue reading

Album Review: PHI – Progression


Montreal-based music producer PHI (Patrick Haggart Ippersiel) has crafted an electronic journey with his sophomore album Progression. Underneath the pretty piano in the opening track is a tension that remains until the last note of the record, swelling and receding but never quite going away. It’s this tension, combined with the slick production, that ties the album together as the songs flow effortlessly across the spectrum of electronic music. PHI draws from a diverse catalogue of styles without coming across as indecisive, resulting in an effortless, laid-back sound. The overall feel of the record is more like a contemplative night-time drive than a sweaty dance club, though Searching would not be out of place at 2am on a packed floor. Continue reading

If You Got Ears with Kohlenstoff: July 8th 2015


If you were fortunate enough to be listening in to If You Got Ears today with Kohlenstoff, you were in for a treat. Todays session was hosted by Félix-Antoine, and featured a myriad of musique actuelle and experimental electronic music selections. In addition to Félix-Antoine’s prime song choices, we had live electronic performances and an interview from Guillaume Cliche. To learn more about the Kohlenstoff collective, click right here. And if you missed out on today’s session, you can check out our archives as well as tune in to next week’s session on Wednesday @ 12-2pm.